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February, 11 2006 - Black Tie and Tail Lights-Thrill Ride, presented by Greater Pittsburgh Automobile Dealers Association benefiting Family House

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Sounds of Synergy Dan Hogan, Cara Ammaccapane Tim Trainor, Jody and Michael Larkin Ruth Morford, Diane White
James and Nancy Smail Gregg and Jenny Semel, Nancy and James Smail Gregg and Jenny Semel, Dr. and Mrs. Roger Zelt
Mike and Jill Foley Robert Lee, Lindey Smail Dani Nortman, Tom Urdzik Robbie and John Schuldt, Mark and Kelly Smail
Mark and Kelly Smail Robbie and John Schuldt Lisa and David Shirley Kevin and Laura Killinger, George and Sandra Killinger
Kevin and Laura Killinger George and Sandra Killinger Jeremy Puhlman, Kristen Murray Renee and Phil Devereaux
Mike and LInda Riccuiti, Pam and Domenic Riccuiti Pam and Domenic Riccuiti Mike and LInda Riccuiti Eric and Cindy Woodmancy, Lori Pushkis, Jeff Smail
Eric and Cindy Woodmancy Lori Pushkis, Jeff Smail Maria Baker, Diane Dincau, Jim Guerry David Taylor, Jeannie Jones
Bonnie and Don Mazzotta Renee Wiles, Brianne Webb Patti McCrackin, John Gottschalk Delphine Clemens, Cris MIller
Grant Mason, Jayme Jo Latta Gerry and Kim Gore Beth Ellis, Bill Weiler, Kim and Gerry Gore LInda Johnson, Irene Bogert
Linda and Joe Stas, Renee and Brian McGuire, Chrissy Costantino Toliana Williams, Nick NIchols Ruth Ann and Ralph Papa, Nick Nichols Paula DeRenzo, Richard Hamilton
John Petrishen, Kristen Wood, Ron Vecchio, Steve Weis John and Jami Petrishen John and Jami Petrishen, Lynette and Mike Russo Lynette and Mike Russo
Laurie Cochran, Lucy Baratta Steve and Liz Scheurer Matt Georger, Kim and Ken McCroby Ryan Thomas, Vanessa Fordoski
Mary McVay, Bob O'Connor, Tim McVay, Sandra and Bernie Pinsker Jeff and Debra Zukerman, Sharon Broader, Sue Vetro Erin Goldberg, David Avolio Mukesh Rustagi, Patti Heilman, Anita Rustagi
Mike McWilliams, Darla Jobkar Pat and Andy Calabrese Randy and Eileen McClure Matt Georger, Mark and Kelly Smail, Carl Jones
Beth Ann and Michael Seeman Vince and Sue Moore Mary Jo and Jon Hahn Ian and Christy Knott
Sylvia and Charlie Diez Danelle and Skip Thomas Pete Hanowich, Bob O'Connor  
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