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November 03, 2011 - Animal Friends presents Black Tie and Tails

What: Reception, Dinner and Fun!

Where: Circuit Ballroom, Southside Pittsburgh

When: November 3, 2011

Time: 6:30 PM

Honorary Chairperson(s): Jeff Watters-Exec. VP Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

Co-Chair(s): Tracy Eakin, Sarah McKean, Cindy Russell

Committee Members: Betty Rich, Cris Winter HOST COMMITTEE: Dena Ash, Howard Ash, Marleen and Jim Ashton, Esqs., The Honorable Cynthis A. and Arthur L. Baldwin, Michelle Bartlett, Dr. Rock Heyman and Patricia Bednarik, John and Susan Block, Dorothy L. Boyer, Gail and Tom Buckner, Gina and John Carlos, Jeff and Wendy Dutkovic, Larry Eakin, Robert Fragasso, Bob Frazzini and Anne Zacharias, Beckie and Randy Frobauck, Joanne and Jack Ham, Wayne and Kim Honath, Cathy and Sy Holzer, Catherine and Mark H. Loevner, Rosemary and Howard Loevner, Dr. Elliott J. Kramer and Wiliam Modrak, PJ Maloney, Tim McVay and David Bush, Ron Ramsey, Larry Rich, Andy Russell, Lea Simonds, Arlene and Barry Sokolow, Daniel and Susan Steele, Patty Swisher, Marcy Tenaglia and Brian Gates, John Weinstein, Sally Wiggin, Anne and Sam Zacharias, Mary and Stephen Zappala, Jr., Esq. Audrey A. Zelkovic FOREVER FUND COMMITTEE: Gail Buckner-Honorary Chair, Gina Carlos-Campaign Chair, Michelle Bartlett, Pat Bednarik, Jeff Dutkovic, Bob Fraggaso, Howard Loevner, Sarah McKean, Betty Rich, Cindy Russell, March Tenaglia, John Weinstein

Staff: David J. Swisher-CEO, Kathleen Beaver-COO, Jessica DeVito-Senior Development Coordinator, Megan Frenz-Development Coordinator/Corporate and Foundation Relations

Catering: The Fluted Mushroom

Music: Cityscape

Auctioneer: Tripp Kline with special help from Jim Krenn, WDVE and Gil Buckner-Animal Friends Board of Directors

Attendance: 300 + Guests (both 2 footed and 4 footed)

Attire: Black Tie Preferred

Board of Directors: Marleen Aston, Esq.-Chair, Howard Loevner-First Vice Chair, Dorothy Boyer-Second Vice Chair, Gina Carlos-Secretary, John Weinstein-Treasurer, Howard Ash, Michelle Bartlett, Patricia Bednarik, John Block, Gail Buckner, Jeff Dutkovic, Tracey Eakin, Robert Fragasso, Beckie Frobouck, Cathy Holzer, Sarah McKean, Betty Rich, Cindy Russell, Marcy Tenaglia, Esq., Cris Winter, Stephen Zappala, Jr. Esq., In Memoriam: Alica Richardson-Founder, In Memoriam: Lloyd Gluck, Esq.

Blacktie Photos by: Margaret Milliern

 Animal Friends presents Black Tie and Tails with Cooper, one of many four-footed guests.
Animal Friends presents Black Tie and Tails with Cooper, one of many four-footed guests.

Hundreds of supporters and friends (both 2 and 4 legged), had a "barking" good time at the annual Blackt Tie and Tails Gala at the Circuit Center Ballroom. It goes without saying that the libations, munchies and auction were truly the "cat's meow!"  WDVE Radio Personality Jim Krenn and Animal Friends Board Member Gail Buckner assisted Auctioneer Tripp Kline with a fabulous Live Auction that had guests standing in appreciation.

In 1943, at the height of World War II, a small group of Pittsburgh citizens came together in an effort to find homes for soldiers’ pets when they left to serve in the war. After the war, still faced with the need for ongoing compassionate control of the pet overpopulation and placement problem, the group opened a shelter and incorporated. They took a name that clearly articulated their mission: to serve as friends to unwanted animals.

Over time, Animal Friends evolved to meet increased demand for our services. All the while, our reverence for the animal-human bond remained at the core of Animal Friends’ mission.

In 2001, Animal Friends set out to change the way an animal shelter can serve our community. Our organization embarked on a capital campaign to build a 30,000 square-foot companion animal resource center complete with creative kenneling for homeless pets, veterinary clinic, classroom, pet therapy suite, resource library and more. Thanks to community support, our vision became a reality, and on March 18, 2006, we opened the doors to the Caryl Gates Gluck Resource Center at Animal Friends.

To many, the successful transition of Animal Friends’ programs and services into a full-service community resource center was a dream realized. But, there is still much work to be done, and Animal Friends is proud to lead the way.

Today, Animal Friends is uniquely prepared to serve as a leader in compassionate, pet-focused programming. From creative kenneling to for the comfort of our animals to innovative community outreach and education programs, Animal Friends is proud to embrace the community with open arms and creative, pet-centered solutions for a kinder future for our region.

At Animal Friends, we know that shelter and adoption programs, while important, are a reactive solution to pet overpopulation and will never solve the overpopulation crisis. That's why Animal Friends has developed a comprehensive, community-wide spay/neuter initiative. By providing low or no-cost spay/neuter surgeries to low-income pet owners, feral cat colony caretakers, pit bull owners, and shelters without spay/neuter programs, Animal Friends’ goal is to spay or neuter 24,000 pets over three years. These are pets that would not otherwise have access to spay or neuter surgeries. Through these efforts, our goal is not just to relieve pet overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia in southwestern Pennsylvania—but to end it. 

Animal Friends is truly thinking outside the cage.





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