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September 30, 2010 - Washington City Mission presents The Second Annual Celebrate Success Event

What: Reception

Where: Washington, PA

When: September 30, 2010

Time: 6:00 PM

President(s): CEO-Dean Gartland

Staff: Denise Henning, CPA,CFO, Mary Bates JD, MA-Chief Legal Officer, Director of Human Resources and Resident Services, Shirley Fierro-Director of Development, Jerry Oxford-Director of Hope Enterprises, Robert Scott, PhD-Clinical Director

Catering: Julian's Banquet Hall, Washington, PA

Sponsors: Mary BAtes, Kathy Lemesh, Antoinette Campbell, Denise Hanning, The Reverend Patrick Mary, Charles and Donna Rose, Erin Sinko, Patty Stocke, Wal*Mart Trinity Point, West Alexander United Methodist Women, Robert J. Winters, Esq.

Attendance: 120 + Guests

Attire: Business Casual

Board of Directors: Robert J. Winters, Esq.-Chairman, Tom Lampert-Vice Chairman, Suzanne Rackley-Secretary, John Wehn-Treasurer, Holly Dicesare, Linda Lattanzi, Ken Moir, Mark Montgomery, Dan Skaff

Blacktie Photos by: Jill M. Kummer

 Washington City Mission presents, The Second Annual Celebrate Success Event with guests Bob Gregg, Dean Gartland, Shirley Fierro, Bob Winters and Tunch Ilkin
Washington City Mission presents, The Second Annual Celebrate Success Event with guests Bob Gregg, Dean Gartland, Shirley Fierro, Bob Winters and Tunch Ilkin

Friends and Supporters of the Washington City Mission gathered on September 30, 2010 for an evening of Celebration.  Former Pittsburgh Steeler Tunch Ilkin, Director of Men's Ministries for the Bible Chapel, was the Keynote Speaker for the event.  Inspirational talks by residents of the Mission, Graduates of the Mission's programs and special invited guests highlighted the successes of the organization and it's people. 

The Washington City Mission exists to share Christ, to shelter, to heal and to restore the homeless to independent living-without discrimination.  We are committed to our Residents, Staff, Volunteers, Donors and Community in the following ways:

  • Honor God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit in everything we do and that together He becomes the daily source of our strength.
  • Provide the opportunity to develop a vital relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • Recognize that the Holy Bible is our source of Grace and Truth providing the ethics and principles upon which our mission depends.
  • Recognize that all people are created by and made in the image of God. Therefore, we will strive to always respect a person's intrinsic value by:
    • Responding with Samaritan Care to those who are in crisis and by providing long-term recovery care and support leading to personal growth and stability.
    • Treating both the people who are in need and the people who assist, support and fund the ministry as true friends - people who trust and value our services and who must be satisfied.
    • Creating and maintaining a positive learning environment that encourages: open-minds, individual inquiry, entrepreneurial spirit and constant learning leading to spiritual and temporal growth of people's character, commitment, skills and lives.
    • Acknowledging that people, working in a teaming effort under God's leading, are our most valuable asset.
  • Provide administrative and "friend-raising" standards as well as ministry services that are financially sound and on the leading edge of highest quality and superior value.
  • Demonstrate our Christian ideals by always being a true friend and good neighbor in the multicultural community by:
    • Maintaining an open and inclusive spirit to all through encouraging partnerships with other community agencies and care providers, optimizing scarce resources and eliminating duplicate services.
  • For more information about the Washington City Mission, please log onto their website at:

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